Petbox is a Danish company that focuses on inventing, designing, producing and branding highly innovative pet products dedicated to dogs and cats.

The products are designed in Denmark with a typical Scandinavian attention to functionality, quality and aesthetics. In our effort to create the best products - for the pet and their owners - a variety of specialists are consulted: veterinarians, pet trainers and -behaviourists, airline companies, industrial and technical design experts pet owners and most important of all their pets.

Petbox administration and R&D facilities are located in Copenhagen, while our production takes place at different locations in Asia.

The management team of Petbox consists of the 5 founders:

Petbox only develops products that are made by environmentally sound, reusable and non toxic materials that comply with the highest safety standards of the pet market. Our subcontractors are all high quality manufactures that as a minimum are ISO 9001 certified.

Furthermore Petbox collaborates with an external international quality control partner that ensures Petbox, a constant high quality standard. Our quality partner is located onsite in Asia. No subcontractors are using child labour or having production methods that are not environmentally sound.