The idea behind the Petbox goes several years back.

It all started an early morning in the International Airport of Copenhagen. One of the company founders was about to pick up his wife in the arrival terminal and noticed a woman in big distress who was picking up a large transportation box containing her German Shephard.

She was trying to handle two big suitcases, the Shephard and a large transportation box on one trolley. After trying a multitude of possibilities, she ended up putting the two suitcases and the dog on top of the trolley, whiled dragging the transportation box after her attached to the trolley by the dog leash.

It was indeed a long "voyage" to her car, where she discovered - to her big disappointment - that the transportation box did not fit into her car. What happened to the bewildered woman our colleague does not know - however the episode led to the birth of the foldable and truly multifunctional Petbox, that can be used in a multitude of situations.