Petbox is a highly innovative foldable pet home designed by leading Scandinavian designers and pet experts.

Petbox offers the pet and the pet owner convenience, security and comfort - at home or on the move. Petbox is super easy to use - even your grandmother can handle it. It goes from fully set up to fully flat in only 15 sec. Due to the unique folding system (pat. pending - PA 2004 00756) and modern design Petbox provides the future standards of the mobile pet home - it's easy to use, easy to carry, easy to clean, easy to fold and easy to store.

Petbox is made by non toxic rigid plastic assembled with coated steel grids in the front and back - it's all 100% recyclable.

When you buy the Petbox a nylon Petbox bag is included. The bag makes transportation easy and protects the Petbox from dirt and scratches during storage and transportation

To accommodate any given situation - "on-the-move" - a variety of unique accessories are naturally also available: i.e. water bowl, diapers and diaper floor that will be available in 2007.